Where Does The Money Go?

Funding Accountability for Pennsylvania’s For-Profit and Private Equity-Owned Home Care Agencies

This new report from SEIU Healthcare PA and United Home Care Workers of PA outlines how the more than $5 billion in annual spending on agency home care is too often not going to fund the care these critical public funds are allocated towards. Instead, the industry is rife with for-profit agencies engaged in wage theft, unaccountable spending, and, increasingly, private equity.

High-quality home care is critical for Pennsylvania’s future. Our state’s population is aging, and the vast majority of seniors would prefer to age at home. However, low wages in the industry have led to an acute workforce shortage. If it is not addressed, this shortage will force thousands of seniors into nursing homes.

Read the report for the full details bout this alarming crisis of care and unaccountable, mismanaged taxpayer funds.