Breaking: The Governor’s Administration Announces Rate Increase for Home Caregivers!

Effective January 1, 2022, the maximum rate for Personal Assistant Services (PAS) will increase by 8%. For the majority of participant-directed caregivers, this means the maximum wage rates will increase by approximately $1/hour!

This victory was possible because of caregivers like you who advocated for increased federal funding for HCBS and then had a voice in determining how that money was spent in Pennsylvania. The good news is, when caregivers fight together, we win. 

Our Union members fought hard to make sure the Department of Human Services invested new federal dollars in our participant-directed workforce and we are very proud of this accomplishment.  We also recognize we still have much more to accomplish to make sure all caregivers and consumers can live with dignity and independence. Join the union to become part of the movement that is raising the standard for Pennsylvania’s caregivers and consumers 


You also might be eligible for an additional increase!

If  you are not already at the maximum wage rate, your consumer may be able to increase your current wage rate.  Your consumer can learn how to check your current maximum wage rate here. Your consumer can access a new wage rate form to update your pay rate here.   Call the Union’s Member Resource Center if you need help: 1-800-252-3894! 


Thank Our Allies at DHS

This rate increase was won through joint efforts of PA caregivers and allies at the PA Department of Human Services. Share with DHS Secretary Snead what this win means to you! It’s important to have allies in our state leadership who continue to push for quality care and good union jobs!  Send your thanks by clicking the button below 

FMS Transition

Reminder for all participant directed workers within the CHC-MCO Waivers:  Your FMS provider will be transitioning from PPL to Tempus effective 4/1/2022.  In order to ensure you continue to receive your pay, you will need to complete transition paperwork and learn the new EVV system to submit your timesheet BEFORE March 2022.  For more information, click the button below. 

(Note: this does not apply to participant directed workers with a consumer in the ACT 150 / OBRA waivers)

Have not received your paperwork? Be sure to join the union to make sure Tempus is accountable to caregivers. You can follow this portal to request your paperwork. 

Do you work for a home care Agency?

Great news!  All home care agencies will also receive an 8% increase in the rate!  Effective Jan 1st, 2022, your employer will be receiving a rate increase to fund wage increases or new benefits for direct care workers.  

At Union Agencies, management and care workers are meeting to decide together how these funds are spent.  If you are interested in forming a union at your agency to have a say on how these funds are spent by clicking here.  

Your employer will also receive a one-time Investment in the Workforce payment, to fund items like sign on bonuses, retention payments, COVID-19 related leave benefits and paid time off, vaccination incentives, or the purchase of personal protective equipment and testing supplies.

You can see how much your agency is receiving here.

 If your agency has not used rate increase or one time Investment in the Workforce payments to invest in workers, let DHS know!

Click the button below to send a message!

If you have a question about how the rate increase will impact your wages, you can connect with a union rep by filling out the form below

In addition to making homecare history in PA, your membership also includes: 

  • Free CPR certification, virtual degree programs, and student loan support
  • Exclusive union benefits including a $3,000 life insurance policy and discouted financial products, insurance, and legal services
  • Access to our Member Resource Center where you’ll receive support navigating paycheck issues, hours cuts, health insurance enrollment, and more
  • Weekly virtual caregiver happy hours, member meetings with the latest updates, and support and community from fellow caregiver
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