Last week I was one of 50 healthcare workers, faith leaders, and people who rely on the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid who were arrested in the halls of the Senate for refusing to move until GOP Senators like Senator Toomey told us their plan for our healthcare.

I felt it was necessary to take a stand, because if Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement, they are jeopardizing my son’s health, my family’s health, and my health. I can’t afford to let this happen, and I will do everything I can to protect our care.

What Would the GOP’s Attacks on Healthcare Mean for You? Tell Senator Toomey.

Across the country, caregivers and consumers are rising up to make our voices heard. The Atlantic wrote about our movement last week, saying caregivers and consumers have “been the most consistent sources of pressure at every level of government.”

Sequal, united, we are already the most powerful source of pressure in the country. But we can step it up.

I’m going to keep making my voice heard. Will you join me?

Tell Senator Toomey Why Access to Care Is Important to You!