On Saturday millions of Americans got out into the streets to stand up to extremist plans that take our country backwards.

Sen. Toomey and his Republican colleagues are already working on their deadly plans to take healthcare away from 30 million women, men, seniors, kids, and people with disabilities.

People around the country are joining in for a second national day of action to stand up to the GOP plans to strip millions of their healthcare. Last time we made 18,000 calls and we crashed the Capitol phone system.

Join us and call Senator Pat Toomey today to tell him we need care, not chaos.

Here’s where to call: 866-426-2631

Here’s what you can say: “My name is _________________ and I’m upset that 20 million Americans stand to lose their health insurance.” Then share your own experience why access to quality affordable healthcare is important to you.

It’s irresponsible to take away the coverage people have and ask them to believe that something better is around the corner.

Call Sen. Toomey: 866-426-263 today and tell him that we need care, not chaos.